Beginner's guidance to empower yourself in our diverse, multicultural world.

Time to Complete: 1-3 hours, at your own pace.

The following concepts will be introduced:






By the end of this course, you'll have an easier time thinking (and maybe even talking) about cultural differences. You'll also:

  1. Develop clarity around intention-setting.
  2. Develop a greater understanding of identity.
  3. Enhance your perspective of power.
  4. Create a narrative that supports empowerment.
  5. Define an idea of what embodiment could look like in your world.

Hi, I’m Nina

Born in New York and raised for the most part in Texas, I come from an incredibly diverse family. This course was originally designed to be a free mini course, but with so much to explore we knew the steadily growing content was well worth the investment - so we made it the first standard in our Resilience 101 series. If you're ready to explore issues of power and diversity in safe and creative ways, dive into Powered to Empowered. Join me as we figure out who we are, how the world works for (or against) us, and what we can do to live our best life moving forward - no matter how we began.

My Muse Is: Playful, Compassionate, Energizing

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Powered to Empowered

5 steps to a more aware and intentional you

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